Will Trump Put A Stop To North Korea

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) strongly believes President Trump is going to end the North Korean nuclear program within his first term.

He added how Trump is not intending on letting this problem fall into the hands of the next administration.

“It’s not if he ends the North Korean program, it’s how and when,” Graham stated. “There’s two ways — diplomacy to be a win-win, which is the preferred route, and military conflict, which will destroy the regime. When — I think he’s going to do this in his first term. He told me yesterday, ‘I’m not going to pass this on to anybody else.’ He thinks he is going to get reelected. So do I. But the one thing I can tell you — the North Koreans understand our electoral system. They wait every president out. They enter into agreements and back off and run out the clock. They’re trying to run out the clock on Trump. They’re not going to run out the clock. Time is not on North Korea’s side for the first time ever.”

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