Why This NFL White House Visit Was Canceled

White House aide Kellyanne Conway spoke about President Trump’s choice to un-invite the Philadelphia Eagles from the White House visit.

Conway said President Trump cancelled the appearance because “he didn’t want to disappoint” the team’s fans.

“I think because of this new NFL [National Anthem] policy, folks are digesting it — it has nothing to with us — folks are digesting that, and the Eagles had already sort of set in dozens and dozens of officials and players to come for the celebration and then that number was reduced. And the president decided — the number he focused on is the number of Eagles fans who had already been waved in and secured here to come to the White House,” said Conway. “He didn’t want to disappoint them.”

“We were told many of them were already in town, so rather than doubly disappoint Eagles fans, the president decided that they were all still invited, those who wanted to and could still come, and to celebrate America.”

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