U.S. May Send Warship to Black Sea

As issues between Russia and Ukraine continue without sign of abating, the United States is making a warship ready to enter the Black Sea.

With Russia’s refusal to release Ukrainian ships, the Pentagon has requested the State Department contact the Turkish government in regards to the U.S. sending a warship into the Kerch Strait.

Having a U.S. military presence added to the volatile mix in the Black Sea would significantly increase the chances of a conflict between the U.S., Ukraine and Russia.

Regulations of the Montreux Convention, founded in 1936, require the United States to inform the Turkish government before a military vessel could enter the straits.

A State Department spokesperson told CNN that “the United States carries out its activities consistent with the terms of the Montreux Convention. We will not, however, comment on the nature of our diplomatic correspondence with the Government of Turkey”.

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