The View Lose Their Minds To Horseface Tweet

On ABC’s “The View,” Meghan McCain attacked President Trump for calling porn star Stormy Daniels a “horseface” in a recent tweet.

Co-host Sunny Hostin stated, “He didn’t think she was a horseface when he was having an affair with her. She looked pretty good.”

Panelist Meghan McCain added, “I had a lot of things about Michael Avenatti, by the way, I believe he should pay her legal fees, I don’t think she should have to pay it. But I will say it doesn’t matter anymore because when you are calling a woman horseface, all arguments we have are now negated.”

another co-host said, “He should not be tweeting about women like this right now. I mean this weekend, women go out to vote, and I think this has an impact on things.”

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