The View Host Goes After President Trump

Ana Navarro, one of the hosts on the ABC show “The View,” just went on about how President Trump has continually done nothing but empower racism and misogyny in our country, as shown in his new campaign ad.

Navarro’s co-host Sunny Hostin agreed saying, “I was also so offended by that ad. It was so shocking to me. When you have these ads, these national ads, hate crimes, the statistics are the hate crimes do rise. There are real world consequences for these kinds of advertisements. So you have that stoking of this racism, this hatred we’re seeing and you know, whose hand is the blood on when immigrants are attacked?”

Joy Behar followed, “In the old days we had George Wallace, remember George Wallace? He ended up in a wheelchair? He was the biggest racist, but he was just a governor of a state, and now this mentality is in the White House. That’s the difference between then and now.”

Navarro then replied, “I think it’s important to point out, you know, Donald Trump did not invent racism. Donald Trump did not invent misogyny. But I feel like he’s legitimized it. He has empowered it. And I feel like it has become worse in the last year.”

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