Sen Murphy Says Republicans Are Allowing Mass Murder

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) is claiming that Republicans are “complicit in this mass murder,” because they refuse to pass gun control due to mass shootings.

Murphy stated, “Complicit is the word that I use. It makes Republicans complicit in this mass murder. I mean, let’s be honest, these are copycat killers. It’s not a coincidence that every single troubled young man is using an AR-15. They are doing it, because they see the destruction, the lethality, the efficiency of the weapon, and use it again.”

“And when they see Congress do absolutely nothing — I really do believe that this is an unintentional but quiet endorsement of this kind of mass murder. And so, I think that the Republicans are complicit and anybody who does nothing are complicit if we don’t actually act and use our power as legislatures to condemn this epic mass slaughter.”

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