Republican Suggests GOP Making A Deal With The Devil

Rep. Mark Sanford (R-SC) who recently lost his primary race, is now claiming that Republicans are making a deal with the devil by showing support to President Trump.

Sanford stated, “Legitimately, the Trump phenomenon was caused by people who wanted to see a change in the way that Washington works and that’s real, and it needs to be acknowledged. But it has morphed or metastasized into something that is quite different about this larger loyalty to the president himself.”

“I would just say that, from an electoral sense, people are running for cover, because they don’t want to be on the losing side of a presidential tweet. And from a popular standpoint, it’s almost a Faustian bargain. I’ll pander to you if you pander to me. And that exchange is very dangerous really, with regard to again, to what the Founding Fathers set up, which is a system designed to garner debate and dissent. The idea that you can’t speak out and say, I disagree with you here, but I agree with you on 90% of the stuff, is again a twilight world I have never seen.”

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