Pelosi Mocks Trump’s Intelligence

Image credit: CNBC

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) after constantly being a thorn in President Trump’s side decided to lower the bar and resorted to mocking his intelligence.

When answering a question about current talks about funding of the border wall, Pelosi stated, “I’m an appropriator, see, that’s one of the places I was forged. Intelligence—shall we go to that subject on the president? Intelligence and Appropriations.”

Then, when discussing Trump’s foreign affairs disagreement with his intelligence chiefs, Pelosi stated, “Well, I think what the public saw this week was the fact that the president has not paid attention to the intelligence that has been given to him on many of these subjects.”

 “I’ve tracked this very closely, and one dismaying factor of it all is that the president just doesn’t seem to have the attention span or the desire to hear what the intelligence community has been telling him.”

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