NBC Goes After Trump With Accusations

NBC News Senior National Security and Intelligence Analyst and former CIA Director John Brennan attended an airing of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” and told media he hopes “we’re not going to see a wag the dog scenario” in which President Trump creates an international incident to keep peoples focus off of domestic issues.

Brennan said, “Well, I think you have concerns on the international front as well as on the domestic front. On the international front, I’m hoping we’re not going to see a wag the dog scenario, whereby he is going to try to distract the attention here domestically and politically on him and engage in some type of international initiative that is going to really put our nation at risk, military action against North Korea, maybe doing something vis-a-vis Iran, tearing up the Iranian nuclear agreement and provoking and pushing for some type of confrontation in the Gulf. On the domestic front, if he sacks Rod Rosenstein or Bob Mueller, I think that really is going to bring this country to the brink of crisis. And that’s when I think the members of Congress, particularly the Republicans in Congress, are going to step up and do what is necessary in order to protect this country.”

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