Joy Behar Screams Treason

Joy Behar of ABC called President Trump’s performance at the Helsinki summit an act of “treason.”

Behar stated, “It seems to me Russia’s got something on him. He’s over the edge with this one. He’s saying basically to him, ‘Please don’t snitch whatever it is.’ That’s what I saw.”

“The pee pee tape is not going to change his base’s position but money laundering, owing money to the Russians, billions of dollars, Jared also had to bail himself out of that building that was going under. There’s a lot of money. As they say, follow the money. There was a cartoon, not a cartoon, a picture of FDR on Facebook that I was looking at that said ‘But Hirohito said he didn’t do it,’ meaning when they bombed Pearl Harbor in World War II. So this is the equivalent of denying that this person did not attack us, this enemy of the state. To me, it rises to the level of treason. The Republican Party is never going to go there because they want their Supreme Court justice.”

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