Did Obama Avoid The FISA Abuse?

Mark Levin of Fox News Channel questioned whether or not Obama knew about the wrongdoings of the Department of Justice and others about the FISA abuse.

“What I saw kind of underscores what I have been thinking, too,” Levin stated. “How is it possible when you have a FISA court application, extensions of the FISA court application, the director of the FBI involved, the Attorney general of the United States involved, the intelligence agencies involved. You have the national security advisor unmasking individuals. You have the ambassador to the U.N. unmasking individuals. How in the hell is it possible if the only person on the face of the earth who doesn’t know about this is Barack Obama? On top of that, this stuff was in the newspaper. The leaks were in the newspaper about the FISA court and all the other activity. You’re telling me the president of the United States is sitting there saying ‘hey.’ all this stuff is swirling around him, swirling around his different departments and he’s not briefed on it?’ I don’t believe that for two seconds.”

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