Dems Using DACA Recipients As Pawns

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told Fox’s “Fox & Friends” that she found it very sad that democrats don’t work with Trump on the DACA policy.

Sanders stated, “Look the president made multiple offers on DACA. He wanted to see something get done and Democrats refused to actually put something on the table or work with the president to get anything done. They wanted to use DACA recipients as political pawns. I think what happened here is incredibly sad.”

“Hopefully Democrats will stop playing political games and actually show up to do what they were elected to do and improve things for people in this country and improve the process that we’re going through.”

“The president wanted to make a deal. He made two incredibly generous offers went far and above even what previous administrations had done on DACA. Democrats still refused to make a deal. I think it is because we’re getting close to an election and they don’t want to see the president continue to win like he has the last year-and-a-half. They are going to do everything they can even if it means hurting people across the country if it takes a hit at the president.”

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