Democrats To Keep Borders Wide Open

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich informed media sources that the Democratic Party is standing for “open borders.”

Gingrich stated, “The drug cartels are deliberately bringing people north. The Mexican government is facilitating people coming out of Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras. We’ve had an enormous increase in the number of people trying to penetrate the United States border. Some Democrats are for open borders. 25 million people want to come in, that’s terrific for them because they have zero understanding of the importance of American civilization and the importance of our country being coherent. But no country in the world can take open-ended continuous migration. You’re seeing a tremendous reaction in Europe about this now. It’s going to get stronger. And I would just suggest the president’s tried to follow a path that says we’re going to be humane about the children, but we’re not going to open the border to continuous illegal immigration. That’s a very important national choice.”

“The American people want the border open, and they want to have millions of people come in illegally, they ought to vote Democrat because that’s what the Democrats stand for.”

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