Comey Skeptical Of Trump

Former FBI Director James Comey simply replied “sure” when BBC asked him if he was “deeply suspicious and skeptical” of Trump.

“Hardtalk’s” Stephen Sackur stated, “Seems to me in your dealings with Donald Trump, from the get-go, from your first meeting with him before the inauguration in January of 2017, you very far from bringing a blank slate to your view of him, to your meetings with him, you were deeply suspicious and skeptical of Trump from the start, and that comes out clearly in your recollections in your memoir.”

Comey replied, “Sure, that’s because I’m a human being. That’s not a political judgment. I evaluate people who work for me. I evaluate people I work for.”

Sackur instantly responded, “With respect, it becomes political if you are from the very get-go, likening the way in which Trump deals with you and with situations, likening him to a Mafia Don, a Mafia boss. I mean that it’s not just personal, that becomes political.”

Comey stated, “I don’t see it as political.”

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