Are Trump Supporters Growing Tired?

MSNBC’s Al Sharpton is claiming that Trump’s presidency has been nothing more than just a “lounge act,” and said his “intoxicated” base will eventually get sick of him.

After a video of one of the President’s rallies was played, Sharpton stated, “Let me tell you about the spin that is president is doing here and why I think his approach will not work, even on his own base. I remember when I was a young civil rights activist, younger civil rights activist, James Brown, the godfather of soul, embraced my youth group. He said ‘Reverend, there are those that are lounge acts, they work in the lounge where they serve drinks and have to compete with the noise and drinks and conversation. Then, when you make it is when you play in the big room, the inside room on the big stage. That’s where you have to have a better act. That’s where people sit and spend a lot of money eating dinner with their wives and their families and perform.’”

 “Donald Trump is a lounge act. He continues to do a lounge act. It will wear thin and even his base will get tired of being treated like people just lounging around intoxicated.”

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